The first Henley Royal Regatta appearance of Globe members took place in 1956 although not in Globe colours, Argosies Rowing Club was formed under the auspices of the National Dock Labour Board as part of NDLB’s sport and recreation activities. Two Globe members Harry and Danny Richardson were selected as stroke and coxswain respectively. There were also crew members from Poplar & Blackwall R.C. and Redriff R.C. a club that used to boat on the river at Surrey Docks, the club now unfortunately gone. Dock workers, lightermen and stevedores from docks all over the country were selected for the crew. This was the first time working men, artisans in HRR speak were allowed on the hallowed waters of the Henley Royal Regatta. Most training was in the Putney reach but occasionally the Argosies eight was seen boating from Poplars old railway station boat house the fore runner of their present home, this of course gave the lie to the old chestnut “an eight could not stand up to our bit of the tideway”