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Peterborough Spring Regatta - Report
Last week a small, yet determined crew, traveled up North to Peterborough for the weekend to take part in the Peterborough Spring Regatta. This regatta has always been a highly competitive regatta which is often used by clubs as a staging point for their top crews to move on to more competitive regattas for Henley qualifiers.

First up was Vlad in his Open 1x where after leading for the first 250 metres of the race, lost his singles race at the latter 3/4 of the course.

Next was the Open 4+ Composite Heat with Alex H, Ben(oit), Robbie, Ben K and myself as Cox. After a relatively strong start, University College London crashed into us which resulted in their immediate disqualification and the race being re-rowed. But after turning around and lining up again, our Composite 4+ won convincingly with a time of 3:35.7 (a clear 5 seconds faster than the next crew) to book their spot straight into the Finals that day. (No boats were damaged during the collision.)

Next up was the Open 2x Heat with Vlad and myself up against Birmingham, Leeds and Milton Keynes RCs where we won our Heat and booked ourselves a spot straight to the Finals with a time of 3:44.9.

This was followed by a very long and well deserved lunch as the rest of the other crews fight for the last spot in the Final for during the Repechage.

After lunch, it was the Open 2x Final with Vlad and myself up against Graves End, Norwich RC and Poplar Blackwall (the same crew who beat Graeme and I in Putney). Unfortunately we lost this Final to Norwich RC who apparently are Junior Sculling Champions.

A quick change later and it was the Open 4+ Finals with Alex H, Benoit, Robbie, Ben K and myself. This was also Ben K's first Final since returning to rowing! Good effort for getting this far so quickly in such a competitive regatta. Unfortunately, we lost that Final to UES/IPS with a time of 3:41

First up for the day is the Tier 2 Open 4+ with Alex H, Benoit, Robbie, Ben K and myself. It was a very slow race where we won the heat 6 seconds quicker than Leeds at a time of 3:52.2 and booked ourselves a spot in the Finals.

Next up is the Tier 1 Open 4+ with Alex H, Benoit, Robbie, Ben K and myself. This was always going to be a tough race but they guys did very well to come 3rd in the Heat. We were in close contention to get 2nd place and into the Finals, but unfortunately could not just overtake University College of London who came 2nd.

After that was the heat of the Open 2x with Chris W and myself. This also marks the return to competitive racing for Chris W after a couple of years away working with the Women's squad. Chris and I came 2nd in our heat and booked ourselves a spot in the Final later that afternoon.

Shortly after that was the long anticipated Open 4+ Final with Alex H, Ben K, myself as well as Benoit and Robbie who are from Poplar. This Final saw us up against Leeds, Cambridge 99 and Poplar Blackwall! I jokingly told the Poplar guys in the crew that should we lose to Poplar the Final, I will hold them accountable for it.

It was a very exciting race where our 4+ were last off the start not so much because our start wasn't good, but more because the others had better starts. But we clawed that all back quickly overtaking Leeds and Cambridge 99 before the 500 metre mark. We have set our sights to Poplar crew who maintained a commanding lead so far. We managed cut that down substantially and were literally overlapping with the Poplar 4+. Unfortunately we ran out of water to overtake them and lost to Poplar and came 2nd by 4 seconds. Still a valiant effort from the guys specially considering that they have only trained once in this crew.

Next was the Open 2x Finals with Chris and Myself, where we unfortunately lost our finals after hitting about 6 bouys along the way.

And finally we have the last race for the day, the First and Final for the Masters A/B 2x with Chris and Myself. We were up against the Masters B crews from Lea, RAF and Oundle Town which meant that Chris and I had a 2 second penalty at the start. But despite this, we managed to claw back that penalty and won the Masters A/B 2x Pot with a time of 3:55, a good 10 seconds ahead of Lea who came 2nd.

So congratulations to:
Chris W - For winning the Masters A/B 2x which is his first Pot since 2015 and returning to the racing squad.
Special Mention to:
Ben K for a great result being in Finals after a long long break from competitive rowing.
Special thanks to:
Graham and Paul for transporting the boats to and from Peterborough with a ridiculously overloaded trailer.
Ben K, Alex H, Vlad and Chris N for putting in the training and effort to make this a very successful weekend.
Robbie and Benoit from Poplar RC for being great crew members for the Composite 4+...though I still hold them responsible for coming 2nd to Poplar in our Finals! *kidding*
Next stop...Kingston (via Peterborough Training Camp)!
Aaron - Mens Captain

A few snaps from recent races in the meantime. 

There's always time for a cheesy photo whilst marshalling for the Head of the River race!

Men's 8+ in full flight at the 2018 Head of the River