We welcome beginners and experienced rowers alike!  If you are an experienced rower wishing to return to rowing with Globe, you would be required to undertake a trial outing for which you need to contact one of the club captains:
Following a review of this outing, and once you've shown that you're willing and able to make a contribution to our club, we have some membership formalities to observe, including membership application and making arrangements for payment of your monthly subscription by standing order.

We also welcome beginners at Globe, and do our best to make sure you can learn to row properly and safely on a busy, tidal stretch of water! For information about Globe's Learn2Row courses please follow this link: LEARN2ROW

For general enquiries, please contact

MEMBERSHIP PRICES (as of 1st Jan 2018)

Full members £420 per annum (£35 per month)
Associate Members (non-rowing) £60 per annum
Student (18+ in full-time education) £260 per annum (£21.67 per month)
Student - Vacation Only (18+ in full-time education training elsewhere during term time) £75 per annum
Junior (18 and under) £300 per annum (£25 per month)

PAYR £75.00


Juniors (18 and under) should contact Peter Smith, our Junior Coordinator via email:
We collaborate with London Youth Rowing so that our Juniors have access to the great coaching & facilities available at other local centres, in addition to those offered at Globe.