Want to learn to row?

A great way to get fit, enjoy the outdoors and be part of a lively community … rowing really does have it all!!

For complete beginners and novices 18+, Globe’s Learn to Row courses teach you how to confidently handle equipment, 
row with technical proficiency and row together as a crew. Once you have completed the combination of land, tank and 
on-water sessions you will be ready to join Globe’s Development Squad and continue to row on a regular basis.

Women’s Learn2Row: May 11th, 12th & 18th 2019 – Full

Next Learn2Row: 2019 exact dates TBC

If you are interested in attending the next Learn to Row, please contact:menscaptain@globerowingclub.co.uk

Past graduates 

Jess Strangward joined Globe via the Learn to Row course in 2016, and progressed quickly through the development & senior squads to win a seat in the Women's 1st VIII at the Women's Head of the River Race in 2018.

"Globe’s Learn to Row course as well as being loads of fun gave you a clear insight into what becoming a rower entails. It had a great mix of land (you’ll never look at a rowing machine in the same way again!) and water outings. It was so exciting to be rowing on the Thames with historic and modern London on either side. You got to meet people in the club who supported the course who were always friendly and helpful. We finished with a mini regatta and that’s when I was hooked!"

Paul Doherty, resident Globe Laureate, provided us with this little ditty regarding his decision to learn to row!
Family growing, turned to rowing, to keep the pounds away
Technique intense, support immense,
Thames-shoreline sunrise prize.
Dawn ebb or flow, Globe members row
From boathouse, dock, or quay
Boats racked away, remains the day
Get fit, compete, row Globe!