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Data Protection

Data Protection Statement

Globe RC collects the following personal data for members:

  • Name

  • Postal address

  • Email address

  • Telephone numbers

  • Date of birth

  • Emergency contact name and telephone number

  • ARA number and qualifications

  • Coaching, coxing, steering and rowing ability

  • Medical conditions that might impact the member’s safety whilst rowing

  • Other safety-related information.

Globe RC uses this personal data as follows:

  • To ensure the personal well-being of Globe RC members

  • To organise activities (eg rowing outings and social events) for Globe RC members

  • To submit entries for members into external rowing events

  • For submission of data to related organisations in summary form only (ie no identification of individual members).

Globe RC securely stores this personal data on computing equipment and in paper records.

Only Globe RC committee members and a limited number of Globe RC members authorised by the Globe RC committee are allowed access to the personal data.

Globe RC will never pass this personal data outside of Globe RC (except in summary form) unless required to do so by law.

Globe RC members will be asked for their consent for Globe RC to hold personal data for them.

On request to the Globe RC committee, Globe RC members will be given a copy of the personal data that is held about them.

All personal data relating to a member will be destroyed when a member leaves Globe RC once any outstanding issues have been resolved.